How does the business works in 2016?

Adult Business in 2016If you have been many years in the business yet, you have a network of websites experience in search engine optimization or enough money to buy traffic in hand, then you don’t have to worry about your earnings in the adult business. You know how it works, and even if a website crashes, it won’t drives you to despair. But what if you want to start over today and have no more than 100 Dollars starting capital? Is it still possible to start with nearly nothing in the adult business?

You read it again and again: that times have changed, now you don’t need to start in the adult business, there’s nothing to bring in. But is that really true? Probably not, because every day people trying again to find their luck and a decent income in this business. While some actually fail and generate no revenue, it is also correct some people reaching the first four-digit sales within a short time. So there is still something possible if it is done properly.

But what possibilities are there, if you don’t have not much money available?


Find a niche, register a domain, set up your blog and you’re set. Blogs are and will probably continue to be a great opportunity to fight for a place in the online business. With good content, especially in niche areas, you can quickly gain attention and if you then use good advertising tools, you will get the first sales soon. If you have caught the right niche, you don’t need even huge amounts of traffic to achieve good sales. So it’s worth the research well in advance!


If you like really tight biting in things, invest time for many tests and you are not discouraged by setbacks, you can find your luck in search engine optimization. You don’t need a financial commitment here (perhaps only for tools) – but a lot of time and strong nerves. People who loves to make SEO have a penchant for details and a lot of patience. With this method, you will certainly not quickly lead to significant revenue, but for long-term performance, unless you’re on black hat.

E-mail marketing

If you can not draw revenue directly out of a site, this is also a roundabout way. It is usually much easier to create tubes or other free sites that bring quick traffic due to the free offers. Advertising in the form of banners are often not the best way for monetization. But if you collect the visitors e-mail addresses on a freebie (free gift, perhaps an eBook, video or the like) you can quickly build up a large newsletter list, via which you can make more leads.

Social Media Marketing

You’re good with people and love to communicate? Then hurl yourself into the various social networks, which are available, and turn there attention to your products. In addition to the top dogs Facebook and Twitter also Tumblr and Instagram are interesting and may push your business well. The cost is a small investment in tools that are necessary to make it easier, to manage various social media channels. Important: Some social networks are not happy about adult content. So here you have to be a bit creative to generate traffic without being permanently disabled.

Of course, these points were only a small sample of the possibilities that still exist today for “beginners”. Sure there are a lot more you can do – but that also depends always on the skills that you bring in. And of course by the creativity.

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