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The imaXcash Traffic Tool!

There are many occasions where you want to keep an eye on what’s happening to your traffic. This is because going a whole day without a check can really cost a lot of money, for a simple reason like something does not fit right. Normally the statistics in imaXcash helps

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WhatsApp wants to stop newsletters

Getting in touch with the customer and delivering advertising messages – that’s the best way to attract attention. Therefore, every possible channel is used. The classic example of this is the email that is used to send newsletters. But newsletters can also be played via other channels and are often

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Without women, nothing works

Some time ago we reported that we attach great importance to creating incentives for women. If men are to acquire membership in a dating product, many women’s membership is still the best advertisement. That’s why women can sign up for free with us and can use the offers fully without

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Google search in a new design!

Apparently every day there are changes or innovations in the different Google services that are sometimes more and sometimes less visible and noticeable. The web search is no exception. But on the contrary; especially in the background, there is always a lot going on in terms of the algorithm. Now

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