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The US is waiting for you

What do you think of if given the opportunity too speak to nearly 50 million potential customers? Does that sound good? Of course it does! With your average conversion rate you can now hear that money till ringing in your ears, right? What seems like a beautiful dream can soon

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Happy birthday WWW

The World Wide Web has its birthday today and will be 30 years! Hard to believe that it is still so young – In today‚Äôs world can you imagine living or working without it? We’re online anytime, anywhere, using social networks, communicating via email and video chat, and getting all

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Google Chrome and the ad blockers

Google’s Chrome browser keeps causing annoyance when it comes to blocking advertising. So now again, as fierce criticism came up for the plan to lock out some third-party ad blockers via a change to the browser API. The extensions would have completely disappeared and would remain integrated in Chrome ad

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Online Dating in Germany

Over the last few months, we have been writing about different countries and their market potential for online dating. However, we have always excluded a country – and it was one of the first for which we ourselves have set up offers. You probably already guessed it: We are talking

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4 uses for landing pages

It’s hard to believe! We still talk to partners who do not yet use landing pages for their marketing and sometimes even do not know what they can do with it. If we then show them how the use of landing pages works, they are quite astonished. What would online

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