Do you know what your target audience is?

target audienceKnowing your target audience is one of the most important rules in marketing. If I do not know to whom I offer something, I do not know why it is purchased – or not. Especially online, it is not always easy to define the target group and many see no great need, but are more concerned to spread the supply as much as possible. And if the sales figures fell short of our own expectations, new traffic sources are sought. Thereby the successes that are achieved in this way, could even be achieved with much less traffic. At least then, if this is targeted.

Who has been in the business for a long time knows that it is not necessarily easier every year to earn money in the adult industry. Whether you are in B2C or B2B area: The competition is bigger, the customers are always smarter and activities which one still sold three years ago, now brings only a few customers. To increase sales instead of keeping it with great difficulty, a rethink is necessary. Instead of focusing on quantity, looking for quality in the future, is a way that one can go.

Why define target groups?

Have you ever thought about how your perfect customer looks like? How does he deal with the product that you offer? At which point, he reaches into his wallet or uses his credit card to buy? And how much money he spend? Does your customer remain or will he move after first sales to another offer? All these questions and many more you should ask yourself from time to time. Because only when you know who is the perfect customer, you can reach him.

It is no secret that you will reach different audiences with different offers. Is your perfect customer a family man, about 40 years old, with a job and an income that allows him some extras in his life? Then you will certainly not be able to inspire him for your offer if you present him a colorful side with a lot “blingbling”. He prefers a different design and a different structure as a 20 year old who just searches online for some variety in the stress of his studies.

Have you recognized that, it’s actually quite logical that you thought about your audience, right? Not every product fits for each customer. And if I want to reach specific customers, I need products to offer, adapted to their needs and desires. The more you focuse on the target audience and the more accurately you can imagine the perfect customer, the easier it will also be to adjust accordingly the product and to address it to the customers properly.

And then? Fits the product and you thought a lot about the target audience, you think very differently about how you generate traffic. Instead of chasing every visitor that you can find, it makes you rather worried about where to find the visitors, which fits the offer. And suddenly it is no longer a mass, but much more class. The aim is then in the future, to bring togehter the right visitors to the right product and thereby you will be rewarded with great conversion rates.

Do you know your target audience and work accordingly?