Redirect is no longer responsible for ranking losses

google_logo_big-300x116-300x116When it comes to the re-launch of a website, you are faced with a more or less large problem: What about the sub-pages which are now no longer accessible under the conventional URL? Maybe run links to these subpages or at least they are ranked in search engines and thus could lead nowhere visitors will come to 404er pages. An alternative are 30x redirects, but also not infrequently led to ranking losses. This should now be concluded.

For some it is the normal procedure, to use 30x redirects to catch visitors. For others, it is always associated with some doubts, because here and there are always reported ranking losses precisely when to use these redirects. According to a tweet by Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trend Analyst, you no longer have to fear about it. According to his statements in the future there will be no more losses, if one uses redirects. Other Google employees had indicated in the past.

In the past, it has been repeatedly pointed out by Google that at least 301 redirects like normal links counted. How it looks like with 302 redirects, was never really communicated. Now there is also about finally clarity and as a website owner you can use the redirects without doubt and fear of ranking losses.

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