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instagram-1474233_640Instagram has become increasingly attractive for marketing and the service also has so much to suggest new ways of marketing for companies. However, Instagram has one disadvantage: It’s pretty time consuming! Because the Mobile Network can actually be played almost exclusively over the phone, it’s not exactly user friendly for marketers. Although vendors such as Buffer offer even to automate Instagram postings halfway, but most solutions are just as time-consuming and not really a relief.

In a conversation with a webmaster, we have recently taken the topic Instagram more closely. The webmaster reported that he really achieved success with Instagram and generate dating user with the network. But he doesn’t like the daily annoyance of typing the hashtags, which are extremely important in Instagram on the phone keypad he has often he notices a little later that he finally has forgotten an important hashtag, which then has a negative effect on the range.

We have taken out forward in the search for a solution to this problem that also interests us all and have come to the following tip.

In order not to have to enter annoying hashtags repeatedly, you can go the following way:

1. Open the note app on the phone and enter all hashtags that you normally use.
2. Copy text and go on the iPhone under Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Select Text Replacement (Android slightly different)
3. Press + for a new entry and paste the text from the Clipboard and assign a shortcut for it.
4. At the next Instagram Posting easily use the shortcut and hashtags are inserted.

Alternative solution:

Who has no desire to manually create the postings on the smartphone can access This service is probably the most convenient when it comes to the automation of Instagram posts. Still, there is a free version, where you can create and schedule at least 30 postings per month.

With the content can be created and scheduled on PC / Laptop easily. Is then the time has come for the publication, there is on the smartphone app of Later a notification and when you open the app, the image is automatically downloaded, the text is copied to the clipboard and you can publish with a few clicks the posting.

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