Too much optimization in marketing?

darts-155726_640Technology has made marketing in recent years almost the impossible become possible. Our advertising messages simply go in a large mass, making it really sophisticated and efficient for targeting and thus reaching exactly the customers on which our offers are tailored to. But where the sun is, there is also shadow: accurate targeting also ensures that the same ads are displayed at the same users – and thus dissipated the sense of targeting, because even the best user can be bored easily.

Your ideal customer is 43 years, married, earned quite good, is on business travesl a lot, uses Apple devices and does not want to be alone on the evening in the hotel room. No problem – thanks to the targeting capabilities in marketing, it is not difficult to connect you with these customers. This target group is still likely to be quite large, if one is a little more flexible with the age. If you then go though, perhaps two levels deeper in the targeting, the target group is already much smaller which ist not a problem because it also increases the chance of a conversion.

If you set a budget in this marketing campaign and keep committed to targeting, good success will be achieved initially. But that stays rarely so – because precise targeting and a budget high enough, we ensure in the end it is usually always the same users seeing the same ads. The result is clear.

Do we optimize too much in marketing? Who puts a lot of energy into targeting, will certainly overshoot quickly. All the options that have been found lately, are of course incredibly seductive, but you can also overdo it. The conclusion from this? Targeting is great, but as always it is important to find the golden mean. Not every option must be exhausted to the last.