Password precepts hurt the conversion

password-866979_640Secure passwords should be self-evident these days. Too often, there are reports about hacks and user data, which are thereby circulating. Especially those who work online, logging on to many different services, should rely on different and secure passwords. But what is good for us is often bad for our own funds – namely, if the prerequisites for the passwords are too high on our own offers.

At least 8 characters, letters and numbers in combination, which must include uppercase letters and special characters … there are many guidelines if you want to set a password when registering. Actually, a nice gesture of the operator of the offer, after all, he is concerned about security and does not want the customer to suffer any damage. From the customer’s point, however, it is often annoying, because the specifications are not always immediately apparent or are gladly overlooked. Instead of a quick registration, the customer subsequently fights with error messages because the desired password is not accepted.

The Baymard Institute tested the impact of this on the purchase process in a study with new customers and existing customers from Amazon and ASOS. It turned out that passwords, which are provided by the vendor and sent by e-mail to the customer, is a frequent reason for the purchase / registration process to be canceled.

If password precepts are made, even the fewest customers are happy, because they can not use their favorite password, use to choose one that they can not remember and have to log in again. This is not perceived as user-friendly and therefore many customers turn away.

If you do not want to do without a password precepts, you should limit yourself to a maximum of six characters. Everything else is not accepted by the customer well and thus many registrations are lost.

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