New banner for Spanish traffic!

431c6494-8785-4cb2-b424-d1d54e6cc2e7For two weeks now our new offer for the Spanish market was launched and many of our partners have now taken the time to test the offer extensively. Some already had spanish traffic, so they were able to guide the offer and test conversions – others have bought spanish traffic for testing. And everyone was happy about the good sales they could generate in these tests.

To start with a good offer successfully in the market of course is not enough. It is much more important to place yourself at the top of the market in the long term and thus ensure consistently good sales. That is why we are not resting, but are presenting new banners for the spanish offer. The banners are available in different sizes and, of course, the banners are not only designed for desktop traffic, but there are also formats for mobile traffic.

Log in to imaXcash now and generate the links for the new banners to convert your traffic even better. Right now, in the most revenue-intensive months of the year, it is worthwhile to give more power in marketing.

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