SignUp boxes? Sure, we have!

Sometimes you have been working with a system for a long time, but only use the features you know. There is often much more to discover when looking outside the usual area. So many know, for example, that there are also SignUp boxes with imaXcash!

We all know: with each click, a user makes to sign up somewhere, also this increases the risk that the user cancels the registration process. If you then specifically advertise a product, but can only refer via promotional material, an additional click is already required – and thereby you can lose users and money. With SignUp Boxes you can avoid this additional click easily and do not have to send the user to another product, so that a lead can be made.

With SignUp boxes we offer you the option of integrating the registration form directly on your website or blog. Your visitors can so directly enter the required data (e-mail address, etc.) on your website and sign up for free for the product. After the registration the user will receive, as well as in the registration directly on the product, a confirmation email, etc. And only when they carry out the confirmation and wants to go to the Members Area, they leave your site.

SignUp boxes, you can generate now easily in imaXcash and have even the possibility to customize the boxes to your requirements. There are several boxes for preselection available, query the different data from the user. Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to change more things like fonts, colors, sizes etc. and also the background color is customizable and you can attach your own parameters to the code for the box. Any adjustments you can see in a preview and is the SignUp box ready, you can get the code and use it immediately. All generated SignUp boxes can be saved of course, so you can fall back later on it.