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The US is waiting for you

What do you think of if given the opportunity too speak to nearly 50 million potential customers? Does that sound good? Of course it does! With your average conversion rate you can now hear that money till ringing in your ears, right? What seems like a beautiful dream can soon

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Happy birthday WWW

The World Wide Web has its birthday today and will be 30 years! Hard to believe that it is still so young – In today‚Äôs world can you imagine living or working without it? We’re online anytime, anywhere, using social networks, communicating via email and video chat, and getting all

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We always go the extra mile

Outwardly, it often seems easy to offer deals for different countries. Simply translate the content and you’re ready to go, right? Unfortunately it is not that simple. Every country has its peculiarities and this is especially noticeable when it comes to payment. For example, in many countries credit card is

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Rules are there to break them!

We browse online in dating blogs ever so often to see what’s going on there with certain topics. Often there are really interesting posts which features are well received in offers and what can make users even more satisfied in the future. Sometimes it’s just amusing to read. For example,

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Google Chrome and the ad blockers

Google’s Chrome browser keeps causing annoyance when it comes to blocking advertising. So now again, as fierce criticism came up for the plan to lock out some third-party ad blockers via a change to the browser API. The extensions would have completely disappeared and would remain integrated in Chrome ad

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Alexa Skills open to all!

Digital assistants are spreading rapidly and are extremely popular. No wonder, they make life easier and therefore more enjoyable. Even for those who spread content through the wizard, the extra content channel is worth more and more. So it’s good news that you can now easily create Alexa skills without

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