Search Console Performance report becomes more current!

The Google Search Console is an important tool for webmasters who use active SEO. There is relevant data summarized and it offers the opportunity to respond quickly, if something goes wrong. Very popular for the analysis is the performance report in Search Console. So far, however, this had a catch: he was not necessarily very up to date. So if you wanted information about the performance of your page in the SERPs, you had to work with older data. But with an update Google wants to change that now.

Webmasters get important info in the performance or page report in Google Search Console. With his help can be seen exactly how much traffic the site gets from the search and what, for example, the top searches for the page are. It can also be seen which pages on Google are the most successful or which trends are emerging in the search queries. All of this is important data that plays a big role in optimizing the website. That’s why, of course, you want to have them as fresh as possible as a webmaster in order to be able to respond really quickly. So far, that was not really possible and many webmasters wanted actual data for the evaluations.

Now Google is responding to this request and wants to provide an update for fresh data. As has been stated, with the update in the page report data can be seen, which are sometimes less than a day old – instead of the update takes place only every few days. Of course, this offers webmasters completely new ways to react. For example, it can be detected more quickly whether optimization measures are taking effect or whether the elimination of a technical error brings about changes. In order to reduce confusion, Google will also indicate clearly in which time zone the measurements for the information have taken place. This is often an important factor for webmasters to evaluate.

Another feature that webmasters have long wanted is to be implemented in the Search Console as well: the data from the page report will not only be easy to view, but also export. So it’s even easier to work with the data!