Search Console now gives information about page speed

Page speed ​​has been a significant factor in search engine optimization for some time. The faster a page loads, the better it is for the visitor, and of course that will reward Google. Speed ​​is an important success factor, especially in times when many people access websites with mobile devices. It was found to be quite odd that this topic did not really matter in Search Console so far. Google announced as early as May 2019 that a Page Speed ​​Report should be integrated into the Search Console, but it remained so far at the announcement.

Now the words are finally allowed to follow action and currently the function of a Page Speed ​​Report is being rolled out for all site operators. While Google currently describes this feature as “experimental,” it’s possible to draw conclusions about where there may be potential for improvement. Particularly positive: The Page Speed ​​Report differentiates between desktop and mobile versions, so there are in the end two reports that can be called up. With a bar chart you can see whether the load time is slow, moderate or fast, and there is also more info about the vulnerabilities, so it is easier to work on these.

Very positively, it should be noted that the data is not generated by any simulation or automatic measurement, but directly from the Chrome User Experience Report. Therefore,  it’s real data where users have consented to be submitted to Google. The report is thus authentic and should really be kept in mind. In the future, this page speed evaluation in the Search Console will be further improved. Google also receives some feedback from the webmasters and has set up a forum specifically for this purpose to collect problems and requests for additional features.