War & Race 2016

There are things that just do not change. Such as our autumn event – the War & Race in Pilsen! For many years we provide this event with paintball and karting always part of the program. All around change details and other activities, but the core remains and this year was more fun and two beautiful days in Pilsen. Last weekend it was time again and we were happy to welcome our guests.

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Penguin 4.0 is rolled out

seo meta tagsWhile many of us think of penguins as cute animals, funnily waddling along, stands webmasters and SEOs the sweat on his forehead when the word falls. Google has made with its updates of the series “Penguin” already quite a stir and catapulted large projects. Even in these days watching website owners their statistics again with a certain nervousness because Penguin 4.0 is rolled out.

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European Summit Prague

While many participants of the European Summits use a few hours to relax, we are looking back on the event. And what shall we say? It was again great and we thank Andreas and Walter for the great organization and of course all participants for the great conversations.

The Summit once again has offered everything we expect from a good event: Lots of space for business and meetings, the possibility to get to know new people and products, and of course a lot of parties and side events, so the fun is never neglected.

We have taken many impressions from the Summit.

And now comes our own event, the War & Race – and that is at least as great ´┐╝

1TB SD card – do we need really this?

map-1189403_640There were times when space was a rare commodity – and that was not so long ago. Only 20 years ago we were happy about every megabyte and today our standard home computer comes with terabytes. But not only hard discs can inspire with these sizes – at Photokina Exhibition Sandisk has now presented an SD card with space for 1 terabyte of data.

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imaXcash Help Center

Screenshot (2)imaXcash is now for several months on the market. A new system of course there are also always new questions. If you were an active webmaster at Love Money or 69Cash, perhaps you did not immediately find everything when changing in imaXcash. For this reason, we have not only a competent support offered from the outset, but also a help online for quick answers to common questions.

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HTML Cheat Sheet – very helpful

screenshot-2Even if you yourself usually create websites or you may prefer using a professional, one often have situations where you sometimes just want to change a little something. And therefor you do not always need a professional, but only the knowledge with which HTML tags you can make these changes.

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The European Summit Prague

prague-1504330_640Only 9┬ádays – then it’s that time again and the industry meets at the European Summit in Prague. We look forward for a long time to this event – it is for us a kind of home. That is why we are here again this year again with our team and look forward to seeing you all again and to speak with you together on the future of the industry whilst course to having fun.

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SEO international tackle right

continents-975933_640Especially in business is the world not only the country where the company is located. Today it is more important than ever to cross borders and to work internationally to achieve long-term success. But it is not always easy to get a foothold in other countries. Even at the website and the SEO, there are often problems – but fortunately also solutions!

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Things to know about email marketing

at-1013505_640-300x212Email marketing works great and ensure fore-many that every month the revenues are growing. But it is not always quite so simple. Besides the more practical challenges, such as generation of email addresses, the appealing subject line, the proper call-to-actions, etc. there are also challenges in the legal field. And internationally it usually looks again very different than at home. Since it is difficult to keep track. But it is important, however, if you do not want to pay penalties.

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