Facebook brings many new things

FacebookDepending on where you currently are in the world, Facebook is right their with you and it always seems to come up with something new. In recent weeks already went live function through the ceiling and extending the possible time streaming was gratefully accepted. Now, issues such as the changes in the conversion pixels are a big issue, and just now I read the news that Facebook is currently testing an offline video feature that aims to Snapchat as well. So if you are working a lot with Facebook and the possibilities offered by the Social Network, their will be no time to rest.

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HTTPS is spreading ever further

httpsCreate secure online connections – a long time issue where sensitive data was added. So mostly where payment transactions have taken place. There are employed for many years already on HTTPS and it is important so that the customer need not worry about their data. Apart from these data streams HTTPS, however, was a long time not a big issue. But in 2015, the HTTPS share has more than doubled.

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New banner in imaXcash

ceec45f4-f64e-42aa-a6b2-1546ad454d2eIn the recent weeks we have designed, tested, revised and now present new banner, with which you can capture the attention of your visitors. Because even if it is so warm, and many are on vacation, we absolutely notice no summer slump with dating. The desire for hot dates so is there now and you should use it.

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AMP Ads are there!

street-692157_640In early June we have already addressed the issue of AMP-Ads in the blog – now the first tests are done and AMP can also be used for advertisements. Behind the name AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the idea that websites load in milliseconds. A transaction that is becoming increasingly important especially in times of mobile browsing, because currently too often and it is still felt an eternity until one or the other site is loaded on the smartphone. After AMP was quite well received by website operators, it was the next step, that even advertisements was now load faster.

With the AMP Ads it can implement well. But of course it is not quite so easy to bring everything together. For this reason one has adapted to four basic techniques that are designed to ensure that advertisements does not slow down the speed:

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Google Data gives great insights

At Screenshotwhich day are the most sales in online stores? How many people have found their partners via online dating and how many look at a TV advertising via their smartphone for a product that was advertised? One of these questions may be interesting for owners of websites – and beyond, our marketing professionals still have many more questions to which we need fast and simple answers.

In times of big data nothing is really hidden. It is easily recorded and as users behave and what they do, but data is also increasingly prepared, pooled and made available. Mostly this happens in really comprehensive statistics and it may take some time until you have burrowed through the masses of surveys and find what you need.

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New lander for affiliate referral

Screenshot (2)As an Adult Webmaster there are two ways to make money. On the one hand you can offer products and earn commission for selling. Secondly, you can inspire other webmasters and earn a percentage from their income with a referral program. We offer you with imaXcash both ways – and especially for those who want to make money with an affiliate referral, we have a new landing page online.

The landing page is designed as an information page that gives the interested new webmaster everything he needs to know in order to make the decision. However, the information provides not only knowledge but build transparency and trust – an important factor in the decision to cooperate.

Who will attend the affiliate refferal for imaXcash, they will receive 5% from the commission – no ifs and buts. And to make it even easier to inspire the webmasters, we have a landing page prepared that you can use. As always you can find the advertising tool in your imaXcash account and can begin immediately to excite new webmasters.

Do you really need that?

thinker-1027594_640For some time, a trend towards minimalism can be seen. Everything is removed out of the house or the apartment, which is not really in use and that would be followed by the feeling of lightness and freedom. Some goes so far to reduce the things until they get their belongings in a backpack. Others begin with clearing out the closet. But who is thinking about his work tools to get more freedom and ease?

Today I started using a new tool and from the beginning I was hooked. This tool is actually a ToDo list, but has features that seemed really interesting. With the tool it is in fact possible to add several other ToDo tools in this one. I am working with different tools (my personal list, team list, etc.), and so it really seemed interesting for me. Within minutes, I was logged in, looked at the video to the service, played around a bit and was still excited.

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Meta tags – check the basics again and again

seo meta tagsAn article about meta tags? Most website owners are likely to feel that your kidding the moment they see that. After all, this is an absolute basic topic that you approach at the very beginning of your career. As a seasoned webmaster that’s absolutely no longer of interest. You finally know everything. But is knowledge also equal to doing? If we are honest, then probably not. These basics are still a little neglected in the daily business, after all, there’s always something new to which we must take care. And therefore we are giving away a lot of potential!

When we write here about meta tags, we refer primarily to title and description. Because they are visible when a user searches on Google and our offer is displayed in the overview. Thus, we make a first impression with these two pieces of information. And this often decides whether the user clicks on the search result or not. Looking at it in this way, the meta tag is suddenly no longer an insignificant basic, but rather a marketing tool that merits close attention.

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Affiliate World Europe

Screenshot (2)From 18 – 19. July 2016 the Affiliate World Conference will take place in Berlin. This event is one of the venues for online marketers, affiliate programs and also ambitious webmasters who want to make more out of their business. We can expect more than 20 speeches on interesting topics relating to affiliate marketing, more than 150 exhibitors and over 2,000 visitors arriving from all over the world.

The high-profile event gives many insights into trends and the future of online marketing and with speakers from Facebook, Google and other well-known companies, you get many facts, on which are otherwise difficult to gain access too. There is also the opportunity to network with industry greats and interesting personalities, who will give you many new ideas for your own work.

We are also attending the Affiliate World Europe. Zuzana and Lars are there on both days and already looking forward to many interesting conversations and new partners. Are you also at the event, you can meet them and make an appointment for an interview! We are very excited about the news and learnings we can take from the event.

HTML5.1 coming soon

html-386093_640Anyone who uses interactive and multimedia content, is hopefully not using Flash off and prepares these contents now with HTML5. The possibilities are almost infinite and offers the developers the opportunity to create clean, fast-loading and responsive content that bring the users pleasure. Now HTML5.1 will soon be released and brings some additional novelties.

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