Save time with Instagram

instagram-1474233_640Instagram has become increasingly attractive for marketing and the service also has so much to suggest new ways of marketing for companies. However, Instagram has one disadvantage: It’s pretty time consuming! Because the Mobile Network can actually be played almost exclusively over the phone, it’s not exactly user friendly for marketers. Although vendors such as Buffer offer even to automate Instagram postings halfway, but most solutions are just as time-consuming and not really a relief.

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Do you already use the SignUp boxes?

Screenshot (2)A few weeks ago we presented to you here on the blog our SignUp boxes. Many webmasters have been looking for this feature because it makes the application of the products even easier and especially effective. But we have in talks even noticed that some have not realized that there is now this promotional tool for use – so we have introduced it here like once before!

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News from social media

social-1148035_640New features and options for marketing are always nice, but currently in social media every day there is so much news that soon from now we will no longer know what one should take a closer look at to reap the benefeits. As a result, we have included today in this post along with two new features of different networks together, which may be of some interest to you.

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Slow death for Flash content

browser-773216_640-300x212It is already for a long time a topic on the web: Flash content have many disadvantages, and hardly any benefits. Therefore, it is time to let Flash disappear from the scene. Flash is not only very intense when loading, but also contains numerous vulnerabilities that were concluded not just timely in the past. Instead Flash, Web developers should rather focus on HTML5. This recommendation is given for a long time and even Adobe speaks publicly about it. Google now makes with the Chrome browser the next step to banish Flash content.

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Facebook fights clickbaits

facebook-76536_640From the silly season this year really is not much to feel. Everywhere there is always something new, which we have to prepare ourselves with marketing or search engine optimization and what yesterday caused a lot of traffic, may already be useless tomorrow. Something similar is now endure to many who have put on Facebook Clickbaits and received really good traffic with it. As Facebook now announced in fact this form of contributions is not really popular in their company – and so they will fight against the Clickbaits.

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New method of attack on HTTPS connections

cyber-crime-1012751_640In the last week we reported just the fact that increasingly rely on secure connections via HTTPS and it is to be welcomed in view of the safety course. Especially when it comes to sensitive data beeing transmitted, the use of SSL / TLS should be standard. Today we found a message that shows, the secure connection is not so safe yet. Sure, everything can be hacked, there’s no question about that – but the HEIST method is a kind of attack on that affiliates should take attention.

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Redirect is no longer responsible for ranking losses

google_logo_big-300x116-300x116When it comes to the re-launch of a website, you are faced with a more or less large problem: What about the sub-pages which are now no longer accessible under the conventional URL? Maybe run links to these subpages or at least they are ranked in search engines and thus could lead nowhere visitors will come to 404er pages. An alternative are 30x redirects, but also not infrequently led to ranking losses. This should now be concluded.

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Do you know our IMAX cash help centre?

Screenshot (2)imaXcash is now for several months on the market. A new system of course there are also always new questions. If you were an active webmaster at Love Money or 69Cash, perhaps you did not immediately find everything when changing in imaXcash. For this reason, we have not only a competent support offered from the outset, but also a help online for quick answers to common questions.

The help centre is clearly divided into different areas, so it is not necessary to look for a long time for the current question. The most common questions webmasters have asked concerning the imaXcash system are summarized here and of course answered. There furthermore there are also short videos available that show step by step how the things works.

The Help centre is naturally maintained and updated so that it is always up to date. The figures shown, that the help centre is well accepted by our webmasters and is perfect for the quick help. For any questions that can not be answered by our help centre, of course, the support is always at your disposal. Whether e-mail, live chat or Skype, the team will take care of all your issues around imaXcash, products and advertising material and also helps you when it comes to questions about marketing strategies and other things.

Facebook brings many new things

FacebookDepending on where you currently are in the world, Facebook is right their with you and it always seems to come up with something new. In recent weeks already went live function through the ceiling and extending the possible time streaming was gratefully accepted. Now, issues such as the changes in the conversion pixels are a big issue, and just now I read the news that Facebook is currently testing an offline video feature that aims to Snapchat as well. So if you are working a lot with Facebook and the possibilities offered by the Social Network, their will be no time to rest.

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HTTPS is spreading ever further

httpsCreate secure online connections – a long time issue where sensitive data was added. So mostly where payment transactions have taken place. There are employed for many years already on HTTPS and it is important so that the customer need not worry about their data. Apart from these data streams HTTPS, however, was a long time not a big issue. But in 2015, the HTTPS share has more than doubled.

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