Password precepts hurt the conversion

password-866979_640Secure passwords should be self-evident these days. Too often, there are reports about hacks and user data, which are thereby circulating. Especially those who work online, logging on to many different services, should rely on different and secure passwords. But what is good for us is often bad for our own funds – namely, if the prerequisites for the passwords are too high on our own offers.

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Get ready for winter business!

cz_complete-set300x250The days become shorter and gray and the confectionery department in the supermarket also makes it clear: We are heading into winter. While some of us are stocking up with gingerbread and other winter treats, we prefer to stock up our advertising material to fill the coffers of our partners at this time of the year. Because we all know: New banners, which have not yet been seen everywhere, the users still much prefer and if these banners are then also very conversion-optimized, then nothing more go wrong.

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Google Analytics new design coming soon

22698329527_fb5a82e3e2_bFor many of us, Google Analytics is one of the most important tools we use every day. Here we will find out in detail how much visitors were on our pages, where they came from, where they went, and much more. Analytics is a really powerful tool and the slightly dusty hood conceals many great features that help us to analyze traffic properly. However, the fewest go by, because the design and the user management of Analytics do not invite you to try everything out.

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Make profile banner by yourself

Screenshot (1)Your new website goes live, there’s room for a nice banner, but somehow you find nothing that fits. And moreover you already have an accurate picture in your mind, of what this banner should look like – simply, using only the most important information – and that’s what currently nobody offers? Then there is only one way out of trouble: make it by yourself! But don’t worry, you have not become a Photoshop professional now, with our banner designer, you can make yourself your desired banners in a minimum of time.

Banners are still a great promotional tools – even though many now use ad blocker. Even the so-called “banner blindness” does not detract from the success. Especially when using banners that are not immediately recognizable as such. And you can now design your own very quickly even with our banner designer. You’ll see the new feature in imaXcash for your desired product under “Special Promo Tools” and you do not need any knowledge in design, HTML, or otherwise. Continue reading

SMS billing for Romania

sms-billingAs an affiliate you have some countries constantly in view with high traffic sources and suitable offers to make money. There are of course other countries, which are not so much noticed, but they are equally a worthwhile investment if the offers in the country are adjusted. Romania is such a country and should not be overlooked.

Did you know that the economy in Europe is growing strongly and that a country like Romania is significantly contributing to the growth? Figures from the middle of 2016 show that Romania is at the forefront with a growth of 4.2 percent – and strong economic growth also always leads to a higher purchasing power. In comparison, growth in Germany is below 2%! And Romania, with almost 20 million inhabitants, is not necessarily a small market.

And why do we highlight these figures? Very simple: We have made online dating for Romania even more attractive and now we offer the possibility to pay by SMS. As has been shown, this method of payment is not only simple, but it also drives the conversion rates up. So it is worthwhile to test the Romanian market and to make really good money.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Go mobile now!

screenshot-2Are you still looking for a dating product that allows your mobile traffic go right through the roof? Then we have good news for you: meets all your requirements and will delight you with really good conversion rates. Instead of continuing to market products mobile, which are actually designed for the desktop, rather offer a product that is focused exclusively on mobile devices and excite the users.

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Tools for SEO

search-engine-optimization-1521117_640After the Penguin 4.0 update has now been rolled out, there seemed to be a lot of changes and for some webmasters they are probably not always positive. In forums and personal interviews, we found that the interest in SEO is growing again, and many still do some thinking about their on- and off-optimization now. Beside oft this the Google Keyword Planner no longer provide accurate figures and so many of us are looking for tools to help investigate primarily even their own pages and secondarily might be able to judge the competition.

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Four traffic sources which need landing pages

arrow-945255_640Landing Pages are an essential part of the online marketing world and the adult business, they are often used to convert users. Their advantages are obvious because they pursue only the lead as the destination and provide all around not many choices on. To convert the user, he must have a prior interest in the product itself. So it makes little sense to send any old traffic to the landing page or to view landing pages as a substitute for the actual sites. Rather, they are a complement and act in good scripted Traffic like a marvel.

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The MILF’s are here

screenshot-2-2-300x195The exact address of target groups is becoming increasingly important in marketing, especially in niches where their is still a lot of traffic and money to pick up. We observe the course accurately and have for example with SMKontakt already a niche dating product in the program. Now it is time to take a new niche to attack and to address all the users who are on housewives and mothers in their prime.

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