Fred is always everywhere

Google and the search engine optimization are always interesting and good topics not just for our blog but also on Twitter there are many tweets about it and Google employees, such as the Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes gladly provide answers to questions or reports news. Needless to say, we have already taken some of this up lately.

Now it is known why the name Fred is always linked to Google updates and why website owners should not give anything at all. Fred is, as many suspected, a Google update. However, it is not just an update, it is every update that is not named with another name. Whenever a little jerking through the SERPs goes, Fred is probably responsible stated by Illyes in an interview.

To the naming of Fred and the idea of giving a name to every small update, Illyes came up with an update that caused a lot of furore in March of this year because there was a large amount of movement in the SERPs. SEOs speculated at the time that Google itself would not announce major updates with enormous impact. So the name Fred came up for updates – and he now describes all updates, which happens every day and do not get their own name.

Illyes said that the website owners should not focus their attention on updates, because there would be some of them every day. However, “95 to 98 percent of the changes for the algorithms are not designed to allow webmasters to implement them for their specific SEO.” According to Illyes, the focus should simply be on above-average good content, which is often mentioned on the web. Then nobody would need to be afraid of updates – no matter what they are called.

As a Google employee, this can easily be said, as a website owner, who deserves money with the offers, one finds little pleasure in these explanations. The past has shown: Even if you are still working with the rules, you are never safe from falling into disgrace on Google and that will certainly not change in the future but it will not be wrong to invest in good content!