Online Dating in Ireland

The Irish can do a lot things good and they know how to enjoy life right. For example, by sitting in pubs and ending the day with a Guinness or Whiskey. This very special way of life makes the country interesting for many and, of course, attractive. But the fact that the Irish are very internet-affine and look more and more online for partners for different activities, the attention of dating affiliates awakens. So it should be at least, because these preferences can bring you a turnover plus!

In Ireland, slightly less than 5 million people live in quite large areas. The country, which is often referred to as a green island, is not exactly populated – but that does not have to be negative if you want to start with an online dating product there. Quite the opposite, because if a lot of people live rural and cannot go every day in different pubs, online dating is the best way to get to know new people. Since the Irish are regarded as sociable people, they take this opportunity more and more often. After all, they do not want to miss out on hot nights in the rather harsh climate!

Moreover, the average age in Ireland is just 37 years, which is the lowest in Europe. With our dating offer for the Irish market, you are talking about a lot of young people, who are amongst the digital natives and have no problem with finding the next date online. Ireland also attracts many tech companies, the infrastructure is very good and almost everywhere in the country is looking forward to fast Internet connections. The prerequisites for a successful online dating business are therefore all given.

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