RSS feed integrated into imaXcash

rss-1160293_640-300x300Another week, good news! Meanwhile, it’s almost a little tradition that we present every week something new in imaXcash. And as to not break with this tradition this week, we would like to present a promotional tool reactivated which you may remember from our other programs: the RSS promotion tool.

With the RSS promotion tool we offer you the opportunity to an XML-based RSS feed to use as a promotional tool which outputs profiles from the dating services. The possibilities of such feeds are manifold. Integrate it with a plugin to your blog and create content at your fingertips, as well as offering the feed as a dynamic bookmark or enter the option to subscribe the feed with a feed reader. And certainly you immediately know a few more options, how you can use the RSS promotion tool.

Thus, our offer has expanded again to advertising materials and we can assure you that it will not stick to it. We are working on an a number of new promotional tools and we are looking forward to when they are finished and we can provide them here. So keep checking the blog, then you will stay informed and not miss any news!