Is it clear as mud?

Screenshot (1)“Our ROI could be much better. I do not know, but maybe we have too many OBL or problems with our ESP that contribute to the PV’s and are clearly not outstanding. We should talk in a F2F IM about it. Maybe there’s still SAAS which assist us in the work. by the way, it was a cool FBF recently from you. The Igers should sometimes make it, too! ”

Well, do you understood understand the text above? what it was up there in the text? Some abbreviations will be familiar to you, while others will be unknown and leave let you back with a big question mark on your forehead. And those who are is working online, every day will be bombarded with a lot more shortcuts. Some are from the marketing environment, others fall into the field of SEO and there are so much more, if you look around on social networks. As you can quickly lose track of the amount of shortcuts on it, because you can not always the the context in which it was meant. not always you can see from the context of what is actually there meant.

In Jeff Bullas blog a remedy have will now been created. There are149 abbreviations were worn together, you should know and have access to when working online and in particular in marketing. The list is really great and includes pretty much everything which could potentially cross your mind what frequently crosses your path and will save saves tiresome googling. So bookmark the list and look into it when needed!