Content sites in the adult business?

content-is-king-1132259_640Search engines love content! As we know this is not news but when it comes to the adult business it’s a slight annoyance because our customers dont want to be bombarded with long texts to read. And there is the dilemma: Are customers satisfied, it is not good enough for search engines. Is it good for search engines, it’s boring for customers and they disappeared quickly. Question is, can there be a happy medium to do both? Indirectly yes it can be done, even in adult we can score with content sites!

With a little envious glance you look as an adult webmaster repeatedly to the colleagues from the mainstream business. They build page by page and employ armies of copywriters to fill these pages with content. Product descriptions, user-experiences – since everything is easily exploited and packed into text, which can perhaps be interesting for someone. And this approach is successful. Search engines like Google, Bing and others love the amount of content as it adds value and customers are also excited because in their customer journey the content will help and affects them positively to buy it now and you get a commission.

And in the adult business? There it’s not so easy. Perhaps you can make a few video descriptions, write a litte guide for online dating or something like this. And if this in not bad enough, you have to put longer texts at the bottom of the page, so they don’t annoy the visitors but serve as fodder for search engines. Otherwise this can result in scaring away users who really want to quickly make a lead and not interested in the sprawling content it is associated with.

How can you still make search engines happy and increase sales? With content sites! Content sites which the name suggests contain more content and therefore provide for plenty of fodder for the search engines. A prime example of such content sites are review sites. Even with a WordPress installation, a little imagination and a creative copywriter you can here create something great that rank well in search engines and of course also provides leads.

Review sites, for example, contain various descriptions of different dating products and are formulated as a matter of preference. You can write from the perspective of an user based on his experiences or you can give it a ‘serious’ touch and write as an editor of a organisation which is testing dating sites.

Is this content then well optimized and prepared, it finally provide the link building, where you will also, depending on the type of review, have much more possibilities for good links. Even on social media channels such sites could still be promoted well. To even go a step further with creating infographics of facts over dating or summarizing them in a short video can once again bring an even bigger traffic boost to the sites and shares generating a positive effect within the search engines.

Content sites are made possible within the adult industry with a little imagination. And they can support your business just as well as in the mainstream. Do you already have content sites or planning one? We look forward to your experience!

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