Make profile banner swiftly by yourself!

Screenshot (1)Your new website goes live, there’s room for a nice banner, but somehow you find nothing that fits. And moreover you already have an accurate picture in your mind, of what this banner should look like – simply, using only the most important information – and that’s what currently nobody offers? Then there is only one way out of trouble: make it by yourself! But don’t worry, you have not become a Photoshop professional now, with our banner designer, you can make yourself your desired banners in a minimum of time.

Banners are still a great promotional tools – even though many now use ad blocker. Even the so-called “banner blindness” does not detract from the success. Especially when using banners that are not immediately recognizable as such. And you can now design your own very quickly even with our banner designer. You’ll see the new feature in imaXcash for your desired product under “Special Promo Tools” and you do not need any knowledge in design, HTML, or otherwise.

If you want to design a banner, you have the choice whether you want to build up on an existing banner, or be able to create something new. In the next step all important cornerstones for the banner can then be determined. You can influence the following things:

  • What should be displayed (gender, age)
  • Headline (position, text, font size and color)
  • Content (number of rows and columns, spacing, etc.)
  • Text (font, headline yes / no, colors, etc.)
  • Design (background colors, borders, etc.)
  • Link parameters (additional parameters that you want to append)

When all settings are done, you can see your new banner in a preview and then make changes as desired, until it is complete. If so, save your banner and it is ready to use and you can of course also later repeatedly refer to it.

So wait no longer, but log in at imaXcash and design your banner by yourself. If you’re not a webmaster at imaXcash, then now it’s the best time to become it, because in addition to many great features and products that convert, $ 1,000 sign up bonus waits for you!

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