The new Instagram algorithm comes

new Instagram algorithmEarly in March Instagram caused a stir among all those who use the platform for advertising, by calling for a new algorithm. In marketing, most of us see one’s hopes dashed and braced oneself for it, having to accept similar losses as well as on Facebook. While it used to relatively easy to generate on Instagram attention and inspire many followers, the algorithms update would certainly not bode well. And so the Instagramer were creative and tried some ways, in order to avert the worst.

As the message made the rounds in March, many wide-reaching accounts attacked to more drastic measures: They called their followers vehemently to use notifications for postings. Actually a good idea, because as the followers know straight away if you have a new image or video published and may like it etc. What was not considered: The follower then receives every time a push notification on their smartphone – and if they follow many accounts, it’s over with the rest and in a short time a real pain when the smartphone gives notifications out around the clock. The result: The notifications are turned off again and when it happens in increasing frequency for an account, it can transmit negative signals to Instagram. So it’s not really an advantage to call for enable notifications.

Others who do not call for enabling the notifications, tried other ways to defend themselves against the algorithm change. For example, a petition has been started, which after all could gather more than 100,000 signatures against the announced updates. However, after the announcement a few weeks ago, Instagram can now be followed by deeds. The new algorithm has already been rolled out in the first countries, more to follow soon.

What has changed with Instagram?

What makes the new algorithm in detail, no one knows. It is clear that Instagram is preparing to drive monetization of the service ahead. The algorithm will measure the relevance of accounts and postings and influence in order to display advertising even better and more targeted to make advertisers happy. The biggest change, or at least the most visible, is the new order of postings that will no longer appear in chronological order but is oriented to the relevance. Instagram says:

The order of photos and videos in your feed will be based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.

About other changes you can so far only speculate, but even this one makes many marketing departments sweat. Because establish this relevance and retaining it, could prove costly as similar as with Facebook. So it boils down to take money in hand and begin running ads. So it looks far from at least and it would also be a logical step when you think about it from the perspective of Instagram. Mentally to take on the role of the network, it will be, however, not easy to accept that fact. Especially in the adult business they always put obstacles in our way, and even if we want to spend money it is anything but easy.

Is Instagram at all worth it for adult and dating content?

Many have shown that Instagram is also good for our industry. It may not be the huge traffic-bringer, but it helps to create or develop a branding. How this can work, not every reveals itself immediately. But if you take a look at Instagram to the popular keywords, you get delivered many good examples. Especially in the niche area you could previously achieve good success with this mobile network. Whether that is still possible in the future remains to be seen. Because usually time brings new ideas with them, how to use the work of the algorithms themselves.