Google AMP soon with new forms of advertising

Google AMP with new adsMobile first – thus many website owners makes a boast of. It is ensured that the design is responsive, etc. However, in practice it looks with “mobile first” rather still meager, especially if you have to wait several seconds on the smart phone until the page has fully loaded. Google wants to change it with AMP (Accelerated MobilePages) and ensure that websites load in milliseconds. Slowly the topic comes also with website operators and they increasingly try to implement all the demands of the project AMP.

In the end, it comes at AMP to minimize the code of a website dramatically. By superfluous is omitted or replaced with simpler versions, the site will win of speed. The reduced code makes it “small” and therefore leaves a faster access to. The theory behind this is easy for everyone to understand, but its implementation is not always quite so simple. Especially when it comes to graphics and videos, it is already difficult to implement the requirements. Google supports the webmasters and provides on the website AMPProject many tutorials and more.

But another problem that many website owners have with the implementation of AMP was previously treated only in the approach: the use of ads. Just those are often responsible for slow load times and therefore the reason behind headaches. Google has indeed allows with the introduction of AMP first forms of advertising, but really tackled the difficult topic probably only gradually.

As announced, There should soon be three new forms of advertising be available, which do not affect the mobile surfing experience. Planned are by GoogleWatchBlog:

  • Sticky Ads: The ads remain in place, also at scrolling
  • Flying Carpet Ads: The banners are behind the text, to be visible by scrolling and can then take up the entire height of the screen
  • AMP Ads for AMP Pages: Here will be a whole new style of ads that can offer the same load times as the site.

Just the AMP Ads sound natural very promising and it will be interesting how Google will implement these ads. But the Flying Carpet Ads are interesting, too, because they are eye-catching and provide enough space for your advertising message.


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