New problems caused by developments in marketing?

microphone-1448077_640Not only is it the Internet that continues to evolve, also online marketing is escalating and what yesterday was a real traffic magnet, may be nearly useless tomorrow. Yet to many of us the marketing ways in the adult business simply are not open, with displaying ads on Facebook or Twitter is just as impossible as some other things that are now part of the mainstream business of the most important marketing activities.

A new trend that puts us in the adult industry with new challenges, is the live streaming. Whether Periscope, Merkaat, Snapchat or other services in this direction: live streaming is almost impossible, especially for webmasters and although it can be a bit too much both in branding as well as direct traffic generation, we rather sit idly by, look at the opportunities and are a little jealous that it is very difficult for us to use it. Who does not have a sweet girl who as reliably always sits in front of the camera and manages to attract attention and make the audience curious, have problems to find a practical solution.

And this trend, in which it is increasingly about people in marketing, is certainly not just staying a trend. Of course, the user might be interested in the products and give their money to make it, they want to get in contact to “tangible” people, not a lifeless brand, where you do not know who you’re dealing with.

After the above-mentioned services and social networks have had in recent times a lot of attention, and now joins the next candidate in the list of live streamers: Tumblr! The blog network that tolerates adult content unlike other, is rumored to soon offer a live streaming feature and already the first streams go online. What primarily is a nice feature, in the long run, of course, also raise questions. Can we compete with our previous marketing activities (text, image, video) with live streams? They are likely to generate stronger attention and certainly there will be companies in the adult business that can use this well for themselves. For the individual webmasters but it will be almost impossible to mingle in this trend.

Have you ever thought about how to use the live streaming for your marketing? And do you think it’s just a short-term trend or will it remain?

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