Will display ads become less important?

ipad-606766_640-300x199Where does advertising matters most today? While some still cling to the traditional banner advertising and annoyed with problems such as ad blockers around, others distribute their budget already and increasingly rely on mobile advertising formats, which often bring a higher ROI with it.

Zenith, the market research institute of the Publicis Group has extensively studied this subject and according to a recent investigation from them, the advertising budget will be significantly distributed differently in the next few years, as it is still the case now. As the clear winner then Mobile Ads will emerge and desktop advertising will stay on track sooner or later.

The banner ads are already causing many advertisers problems. The so-called “banner blindness” makes the click-through rates to go back and also ad blocker spread ever faster and provide a further deterioration of the results. When you look at the other side to the results that deliver Mobile Ads now, one can also easily imagine why these are becoming more attractive to advertisers. Currently advertising is placed in about the same amount of budget available for mobile and desktop, over the next three years, Zenith think that it will be change already clearly and mobile will emerge as the winner. Particularly Video Ads and social media advertising will play a major role.