HTML5.1 coming soon

html-386093_640Anyone who uses interactive and multimedia content, is hopefully not using Flash off and prepares these contents now with HTML5. The possibilities are almost infinite and offers the developers the opportunity to create clean, fast-loading and responsive content that bring the users pleasure. Now HTML5.1 will soon be released and brings some additional novelties.

The W3 Consortium has taken a whole new way with HTML5.1 and has made the coming release standard to the public on the platform Github. Thus the community has the opportunity to actively participate in the development process and to make the new HTML standard to some extent. In this way, many mistakes are corrected and developers also have the opportunity to submit their own suggestions (so-called pull requests). The only requirement is the specification must be working on at least two browsers, otherwise they will be ignored.

But of course, this defines not only the community, how HTML5.1 will look like. Already, some things are known, which are eliminated in the new standard, for example, tags such as “dialogue”, “menuitem”, “date-time” and some others will no longer exist in the future. Where something is removed, there will of course be replaced and it is soon a “picture” element, that can mark out the different images on their own “source” elements and next to the new date entries for “input” there is a lot more giving that is usable with HTML5.1.

The standardization processes should be completed soon and HTML5.1 will be released in September. In the future, probably stable versions of HTML will come out annually – at least the W3C is planning this. First drafts of HTML5.2 stand shortly before the release.

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