Facebook fights clickbaits

facebook-76536_640From the silly season this year really is not much to feel. Everywhere there is always something new, which we have to prepare ourselves with marketing or search engine optimization and what yesterday caused a lot of traffic, may already be useless tomorrow. Something similar is now endure to many who have put on Facebook Clickbaits and received really good traffic with it. As Facebook now announced in fact this form of contributions is not really popular in their company – and so they will fight against the Clickbaits.

“You will not believe what happens after you look at this video!” These and similar posts with a link to an external site are extremely popular among Facebook site operators for some time. They attract attention, arouse curiosity and then pick up the click and monetize the traffic after about advertising – this is how you can describe this strategy in a nutshell. Even major media such as the Huffington Post put on this form of headlines and of course the Clickbaits are used also in the adult area and have so far generated a lot of traffic.

This should now be concluded, because Facebook has enough of the Clickbaits, which takes upper hand. With a new algorithm change these types of contributions are to be soon recognized automatically and carried a punishment. For this reason one has fished some time ago with keywords Clickbaits out and have been penalized. Now Facebook goes a step further. Some employees were parked who entered thousands of examples of Clickbaits into a machine learning program and the software thus developed a sort of blacklist, which not only found in the frequently emerging sources, but also punished equally.

So if you have previously set to Clickbaits, you will sooner or later lose out, because the posts are just barely played yet in newsfeed and achieve thus far despite high interaction only few users. It will therefore not be interesting to put this in your strategy. For those who has been working without Clickbaits, nothing will change. Striking is only that the newsfeed is to a certain extent relevant again.

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