Slow death for Flash content

browser-773216_640-300x212It is already for a long time a topic on the web: Flash content have many disadvantages, and hardly any benefits. Therefore, it is time to let Flash disappear from the scene. Flash is not only very intense when loading, but also contains numerous vulnerabilities that were concluded not just timely in the past. Instead Flash, Web developers should rather focus on HTML5. This recommendation is given for a long time and even Adobe speaks publicly about it. Google now makes with the Chrome browser the next step to banish Flash content.

As you can read on the Chrome blog, the new version of Chrome is expected in September and with this there should be a change: the loading of flash in the background is blocked, without the user really noticing. In the background, Flash analysis tools have been loaded on many sites which grant the owners of the site quick insight into traffic numbers. This will have an end soon. The users will be pleased, because without Flash there is a reduction of loading times and for laptops, the power consumption is lower and thus extending the battery life.

However, this is just another step in Google’s efforts to contain Flash. The next one makes then in December, from then HTML5 becomes standard in Google Chrome. Provides a web site Flash and HTML5, the latter is chosen. Only if HTML5 is not supported, the browser accesses so back to Flash.

Do you use even more Flash or do you have already switched everything?

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