SEO international tackle right

continents-975933_640Especially in business is the world not only the country where the company is located. Today it is more important than ever to cross borders and to work internationally to achieve long-term success. But it is not always easy to get a foothold in other countries. Even at the website and the SEO, there are often problems – but fortunately also solutions!

A website that works well in the US, does not have to necessarily work as well in Germany or Slovakia. The tastes of the customers are different, the cultures are different and therefore also the site needs to be adjusted. When SEO then come together a few additional points should be noted. For this reason, here are a few tips on how you can start by also properly at international level.

– Own domains for each country, or only sub-domains? This is a little on the project, but in principle is not opposed subdomains. They even offer the advantage that it does not start at zero again.

– Individual content is a must have. In the fewest projects, it is sufficient to simply translate everything. Speeches are different and the navigation as well as the meta tags and headlines, etc., should be adapted.

– hreflang tags must be properly assigned. So search engines know directly what language and which country are addressed here.

– Use not only flags to select the language, but also write out the languages for the navigation – of course in the language.

With these tips, a good foundation has been laid and you can start. Of course there is much more, what you can do – but better get going once, instead of forever working on something to make it perfect, and then never be finished.

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