1TB SD card – do we need really this?

map-1189403_640There were times when space was a rare commodity – and that was not so long ago. Only 20 years ago we were happy about every megabyte and today our standard home computer comes with terabytes. But not only hard discs can inspire with these sizes – at Photokina Exhibition Sandisk has now presented an SD card with space for 1 terabyte of data.

A terabyte … it can be really a lot to accommodate. For the average consumer it’s place that probably can not be exploited in the near future. Looking to the future and the technologies that are spreading ever further, but it makes sense. Just think at virtual reality or the trend towards 360-degree videos, you can also go quickly produce a lot of data that ist not so easy to be moved to the cloud.

For now the memory card is not available in retail stores, because so far it is only a prototype. When the SD card goes on sale and how much it will cost, Sandisk has not yet been announced. As they have introduced two years ago, also at Photokina, the 512-gigabyte card, the cost was about $ 800. So one can assume that even the terabyte SD card will not just be a bargain.

Until the card comes on the market, we can still amazed disbelief about how much fits in such small card!

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