Penguin 4.0 is rolled out

seo meta tagsWhile many of us think of penguins as cute animals, funnily waddling along, stands webmasters and SEOs the sweat on his forehead when the word falls. Google has made with its updates of the series “Penguin” already quite a stir and catapulted large projects. Even in these days watching website owners their statistics again with a certain nervousness because Penguin 4.0 is rolled out.

Since the beginning of the year there was speculation about when the Penguin 4.0 is rolled out and at every algorithm change came again rumors that it really is this update now. Google has denied repeatedly – up to these days. For now been officially announced that the large Penguin is rolled out 4.0 Update.

The most important novelty that comes with the update: Penguin works in real time. Gone are the days where changes to web pages (which were affected by Penguin punishments) had a long wait until the next update was made. Now the data is updated in real time and thus the integration of the Penguin is in the core algorithm is a really good thing. Also new is the Penguin now responding to spam and ranking adapts to such signals. This is to avoid that this affects the entire site.

Otherwise, you can, as always, just wait and see how the integration into the core algorithm in daily life affects and how high the relevance of Penguin in general. Finally, there are more than 200 factors, responsible for the ranking.

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