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search-engine-optimization-1521117_640After the Penguin 4.0 update has now been rolled out, there seemed to be a lot of changes and for some webmasters they are probably not always positive. In forums and personal interviews, we found that the interest in SEO is growing again, and many still do some thinking about their on- and off-optimization now. Beside oft this the Google Keyword Planner no longer provide accurate figures and so many of us are looking for tools to help investigate primarily even their own pages and secondarily might be able to judge the competition.

There are seemingly endless tools for SEO’s. From free to almost not affordable everything is possible and each tool has its pros and cons. If you only want a solid basic optimization, since most of the traffic comes from other sources, you do not need a tool for hundreds of euros or dollars per month. However, those who primarily focuses on SEO, will not come on time with free tools on. For this reason, we provide a small overview of tools that can help you to improve your SEO.

The biggest problem of many website owners, it is currently to obtain reliable figures for the search volume of keywords. Those who do not regularly spends money on Adwords, may namely no longer use the Google Keyword Planner to search because only inaccurate values are output. This problem can be solved with In the free version you can here add keywords and get a list of related keywords and their search volume. In the first 10 results, all figures are visible – for more then you have to pay. SEMRush offers much more for SEOs, here it’s especially for the keyword research.

When link building is always important to see if links are do- or no-follow. For a quick overview the addon NoFollow, available for Chrome and Firefox, is helpful tool. It shows on each side, which links are no-follow and you can quickly see if it is worthwhile here to ask for a link or to put it.

How many links has my competition and where do they come from? This question can be answered quickly with the MozBar. Easy to install at the browser and at the next Google search you get a number of other data delivered. Among other things, the approximate number of backlinks to a page will be shown and by clicking on it you can see a lot of those link sources . So you can quickly see where you can still get links. The MozBar has of course many more features that you can use as needed. The basic version is free, but there are also a paid version.

That was a brief overview of tools that you can use fast, free and easy for SEO. Who wants to go more depth here, we recommend the paid professional tools then – but in between often the free tools are enough.

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