Go mobile now!

screenshot-2Are you still looking for a dating product that allows your mobile traffic go right through the roof? Then we have good news for you: Sexxxkontakt.com meets all your requirements and will delight you with really good conversion rates. Instead of continuing to market products mobile, which are actually designed for the desktop, rather offer a product that is focused exclusively on mobile devices and excite the users.

Sexxxkontakt.com has undergone some tough test phases with us, was continuously optimized and is now finally officially ready to apply for German traffic. With the commission you can choose between RevShare and PPS and thus decide how your merit model looks like. The offer is suitable for all German mobile traffic and the purchase will be paid directly on the cell phone contract. Thus,for the end user it is much easier to complete the purchase.

Now is the time to target your mobile traffic properly and to guide him without detours directly to Sexxxkontakt.com – because here we make your visitors to money. So log in immediately at imaXcash and start with making money!

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