SMS billing for Romania

sms-billingAs an affiliate you have some countries constantly in view with high traffic sources and suitable offers to make money. There are of course other countries, which are not so much noticed, but they are equally a worthwhile investment if the offers in the country are adjusted. Romania is such a country and should not be overlooked.

Did you know that the economy in Europe is growing strongly and that a country like Romania is significantly contributing to the growth? Figures from the middle of 2016 show that Romania is at the forefront with a growth of 4.2 percent – and strong economic growth also always leads to a higher purchasing power. In comparison, growth in Germany is below 2%! And Romania, with almost 20 million inhabitants, is not necessarily a small market.

And why do we highlight these figures? Very simple: We have made online dating for Romania even more attractive and now we offer the possibility to pay by SMS. As has been shown, this method of payment is not only simple, but it also drives the conversion rates up. So it is worthwhile to test the Romanian market and to make really good money.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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