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spainViva Espana! When we think of Spain, the sun, the sea and the good wine come to mind. But Spain still has a lot more to offer – for example, many flirtatious people who like to meet online for hot dates. The fiery Spaniards show a lot of temper in online dating too! And so we are particularly pleased that we can now offer you a great dating product for Spain, which will convert your Spanish traffic really well.

In Spain, there are approximately 48 million people – so it is not exactly a small market, that is waiting for us. And this is not the only thing that makes Spain so interesting for online dating, statistics show that 45 percent of the Spanish population is between 25 and 54 years old, and that is exactly the age that invests most in dating and is willing to spend money on it.

Of course money is also an important issue in Spain. In recent years there have been frequent headlines reporting on the recession in Spain and highlighting high unemployment. Luckily this is now over. The number of unemployed is declining, the Spaniards have more joy in life and are again enjoying the benefits of membership in the online dating world. This upswing will ensure that the right time to tackle the market is right now!

Still not convinced by Spanish online dating? Then there are just a few more reasons to generate Spanish traffic:

  • 7% of Spaniards live in single households
  • almost 40% of the Spaniards claimed to have had a fling
  • in Spain their are surprisingly many women in trying their luck in online dating
  • affairs are not uncommon in Spain. As a revelation book showed in 2012, King Juan Carlos also sets a good example here 😉

There are no more reasons for not finally tackling this market. So log into imaXcash immediately and apply the new offer. There is a 70% commission for every sale!

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