HTML 5.1 is here!

html-386093_640What is good can also get better. This is how it looks with HMTL5. The web standard has set completely new milestones and has brought many innovations with it. But there were also some things that were missing or not quite as many users would have liked. Yesterday, the official successor HTML5.1 was released and brings many innovations with it.

The good news ahead: Almost all innovations are supported by popular browsers and do not lead to problems in the output. So you can use the new features from now on. The web standard is available on Github and there the community has been offered for some time the participation in the further developments.

All in all, with HTML5.1, not only were many new features introduced, but also legacy debts were eliminated and the code was slightly cleared. This eliminates the need for clarity. For the future it is planned to publish stable HTML versions annually and soon a first draft for HTML5.2 is to be published.

More infos to HTML5.1 are also available by video!

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