Let the cash tills ring!

spainThe world does not end at your own country borders, and it is especially important in the online business to orient itself in many directions and also to be active internationally. Especially our webmasters from Germany, who have been in business for many years, know how quickly a decision of the legislature in areas such as youth protection or payment systems can have a negative impact on their own work. If you are not limited to only one country, the risk is also lower and the possibilities for making money grow further.

In the past week, we have introduced to you another opportunity to expand your business and have gone with you (virtual) on the trip to Spain. It was only a few days ago, but since then it has been really exciting! The new offer was graciously accepted by you and many webmasters have given the feedback that they are really enthusiastic, that we are adding new countries to our portfolio and thus always offer new possibilities.

The feedback is great and we would like to say a big thank you for this. But the numbers we have seen in the last few days are even more astonishing. Many webmasters apparently already had Spanish traffic, with which they immediately tested the offer. Others have bought traffic for this. And everyone could certainly look forward to the statistics they saw after the first days. Why? Clearly, the conversion of our Spanish offer speaks for itself and the cash tills ring.

Have you already tried the new offer? If not, it’s time now and you should log in to imaXcash and generate your links. The competition is not asleep and whoever is involved from the outset ensures many advantages!

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