Social media marketing will not be easier

laptop-1704776_640In recent days, we have seen and read many forecasts for 2017. Some of them were useful, others somewhat out of the question – but in the end, I am sure that 2017 will again be very an exciting year. New technologies will be introduced, and some will simply disappear. Here is a view some possible areas of the business, that concerns us.

Our business is the online dating and thus we also highlight the trends on the web in this area. Basically online dating is, of course, a classic, which never goes out of style. However, the marketing is changing considerably, and it presents us with new challenges. In the field of SEO, the optimization for the mobile index is more and more important and with conventional banner advertising you have to think a lot to attract the attention of the users.

One of the biggest challenges, however, is the marketing of various social media channels. Facebook, for example, does not like the topic of dating, and if you want to use Facebook ads as a traffic carrier, you have to be very creative in order to be able to advertise for dating at all. And if you’re not creative enough and do not hide the advertised offer well enough, you’ll soon be able to unlock the advertising account. Since Instagram belongs to Facebook, it is also very difficult here. Twitter and Pinterest play an important role internationally, but they are much more popular and more suitable in the USA, than for example in Germany.

And then there is the problem that trends such as 360 ° videos and livestreamings are gaining in importance. What is a blessing to many industries is difficult to use in the field of dating, especially for webmasters who may not have a number of girls in the office who can make these livestreams. Trends such as virtual reality are also hard to implement in dating. So it will not be easier in 2017 to generate new traffic.

So what does 2017 do for online dating? In addition to SEO and Media Buying, there is another marketing classic to focus on in 2017: e-mail marketing. E-mail addresses have a great value and if the newsletter is well thought out, it is a real money-maker, which also ensures constant sales. As one of our partners you already know that, through our newsletter marketing you already make a profit. And if you don’t and you have e-mail lists and want to use them profitably, our newsletter team can also work directly for you. Just have a look at MailValueProfits and get in contact with the team.

2017 will also remain exciting in marketing and show that there are also opportunities outside the big trends to achieve sales!

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