imaXcash Help Center

Screenshot (2)imaXcash is now for several months on the market. A new system of course there are also always new questions. If you were an active webmaster at Love Money or 69Cash, perhaps you did not immediately find everything when changing in imaXcash. For this reason, we have not only a competent support offered from the outset, but also a help online for quick answers to common questions.

The help centre is clearly divided into different areas, so it is not necessary to look for a long time for the current question. The most common questions webmasters have asked concerning the imaXcash system are summarized here and of course answered. There furthermore there are also short videos available that show step by step how the things works.

The help centre is naturally maintained and updated so that it is always up to date. The figures shown, that the help centre is well accepted by our webmasters and is perfect for the quick help. For any questions that can not be answered by our help centre, of course, the support is always at your disposal. Whether e-mail, live chat or Skype, the team will take care of all your issues around imaXcash, products and advertising material and also helps you when it comes to questions about marketing strategies and other things.

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