SERP & Rich Snippet Testing

mainscreen-1024x574With SEO many things play a role. Some are always in the present and we always keep them in mind – others are more likely to go in the background and we often forget to look after them. A good example of the things we are likely to forget are rich snippets. Although we specify Title and Description for each page, we do not check whether they were indexed in the second step, and then look in the SERPs. The result: strange snippets often appear, which are cut off at the important points and do not animate the user just to the click.

So that we will not lose sight of that in the future, we would like to introduce you today a great tool: RankTank SERPitude! With this free tool that is currently in beta, you can keep track of your rich snippets and get the evaluations to optimize. RankTank SERPitude is a desktop tool that provides free download for both Windows and Mac.

The handling of this tool is very simple: simply specify the domain and/or keywords and evaluate it. Just a few moments later, the first 100 results are displayed, and the “SERP Overview” makes it easy to see how much rich snippets should be improved as they are cut off, and the rich snippet can also be previewed for each page.

In addition to this very helpful option, there are some other features, such as the country selection at Google, the export of the evaluations and much more. As already mentioned, the tool is free and can be downloaded under RankTank!

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