Great potential in Great Britain!

While some partners are still busy generating traffic for South Africa, others are waiting to see what country we will introduce on our product tour this week. For this we will shift the continent, return to Europe and go to the island! With our new product we want to make the English people happy and offer them attractive online dating! And it is already clear: it will be great and the money will be rolling in for many of our partners!

Great Britain is a big market. With more than 65 million inhabitants, the country is not much smaller than Germany – but on the island the desire for online dating is almost a bit higher. And that makes it very interesting for us and also for you of course. Numbers show that there are about 15 million singles and 35% of the English in a relationship openly, to enjoy a fling occasionally. Then come all those who dream of it so far and simply want to test their market value online.

Looking at sales in online dating within Europe, there are only two to three countries that generate higher sales. This clearly shows that the right step is to take Great Britain into focus and open up the market. Space is definitely there – and there is also more than enough traffic available, which can be quickly converted into cash with our new offer.

Get in imaXcash the links to the offer. With 70% RevShare commission you can push your statistics up again at the end of the year with the new offer and start the next year with more success!

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