Better than any supercomputer!

While the normal computer user is not even aware of the existence of supercomputers and can ultimately do all the work and leisure with a smartphone or tablet, smart heads with quantum computers want to launch a new era and even surpass supercomputers with the new technology. Science fiction? No, quantum computers are a reality. Only business models are still missing.

Yes, quantum computers do not really have much to do with our business and in the coming months, we will probably find no application in the industry that justifies the use of these machines – but keeping an eye on the development of technology is never a bad idea. And it’s kind of cool to see what’s going on and how far progress has already come.

But back to the quantum computers. These are, as mentioned before, already reality and no one else than Google works with Project Q already on devices of this kind and would like to put it under open source license. While others are still puzzling about which business models are conceivable, Google is using all the clever minds out there and providing access to the quantum computers via cloud researchers and scientists. This way promoting your work and ideas, while at the same time finding out how suitable business models could look.

Already exciting, what happens behind closed doors. By the way, IBM and Microsoft are already working on quantum computers, but are not yet at the point of commercialization. Google seems to be a bit further here and so we will soon be able to read and hear first news about the corresponding projects.