And the winner is… marketing

The fight for the favor of the customers is everywhere – the browser market is not excluded. Here the competition has been particularly high in the last few years, but a winner has emerged, which is hard to catch up: Google Chrome. Firefox, on the other hand, is defeated, but it does not fail to make the air angry. After all, a debtor must always be found.

While Edge is still trying to get the benefit of the users and Safari is being used but Edge is not available for everyone, a battle between Mozilla and Google raged for the first time in the browser market. At first it looked really good for Firefox, after all, the browser had long been known to the users and Google Chrome was a novice, but that quickly changed. In the meantime, Google Chrome is given a market share of 54 percent worldwide and the former Mozilla technology boss Andreas Gal cannot deny. In spite of this, he made an evaluation himself and had to recognize that the number of active Firefox installations fell by 22 per cent compared to last year – in absolute figures, there are 16 million users out.

Why Firefox could not keep up with Chrome in the long run will have many reasons. Gal sees the problem above all in “aggressive Google marketing”. Chrome is also advertised by Google also in other in-house products and in the monopoly position that Google has, would be no more to trump. Of course, it is understandable that the form of marketing that Google is operating partially does not inspire competitors. But the question is different: Who would not do so if he had the opportunity?

Which browser do you prefer and why?