Google SERPs without URLs in the future?

Google always tests different design options when it comes to the display of the search results. In most cases, several versions of the design are in circulation, and desktop and mobile views differ from each other. So far this is nothing new and often it is only small changes made that most of us do not even notice them.

A few weeks ago, however, there were some changes in the mobile index and a completely new design was rolled out. In this, for example, the four points that caused much speculation and many other things, which were shown in different tests before, were also implemented. But it seems like Google is not very satisfied by a long way, because already again further tests are talked about and there are also screenshots of users, on new views.

This is all normal and no message worth, would be there now not a test with considerable changes: With Screenshots emerged now a mobile index completely without displaying domains on. If the domain is not in the title or the description, it is no longer recognizable which domain is behind a search result. This does not only look strange and unusual, but at least will not thrust with enthusiasm. After all, the domain is often an indication of whether it is worth visiting the site behind it or not.

Incidentally, this is not the first test to be done in the area of the domain display. So different positions were already tested and partly the domain itself instead of the domain itself was displayed – but the complete disappearance of this important information has never existed. As I said, this is a test and that does not mean that the mobile index really looks like anyway. Interestingly, it is nevertheless to see what Google is trying.