imaXcash has a lot to offer!

These are the times when you are like in a flow, rushing through the tasks and going forward with enthusiasm. We enjoy these times so much but even in such a flow you have to pull up the brake from time to time and just stand by and look at what has been done so far. This ensures that even on long distances you do not run out of breath. Every achievement which is already reached gives an additional motivation kick.

This is exactly what we do today. We’ll just stay here, turn around and see what we’ve achieved, and how we’ve made the work easier, more profitable and maybe funnier because everything works well.

imaXcash is a modern system and we focus daily on improving and making handlings even easier for you as we provide you constantly with new promotional tools which ensure good conversions of your traffic. Besides this there are always great promotions, which bring extra money into your coffers. All this has been created in less than two years – and that’s just great! At this point again thank you for all your suggestions. We listened carefully when you talked to us and tried to fulfill your wishes. It does not always happen immediately, but nothing is lost in oblivion.

What has happened to imaXcash so far? Here is a small overview:

  • Various payment models (RevShare, PPL, PPS)
  • Payout every 14 days in different currencies
  • Many new landing pages
  • New banners
  • Banner Designer
  • MyDatingSiteBuilder – create your own product
  • E-mail parking
  • RSS feeds
  • User Data Export
  • Profile Direct Links
  • SignUp boxes
  • and much more

Once all these points are collected, you can hear the cashier ring, right? Because with these promotional tools and various extras you can really market your dating traffic very well and thus making a lot of sales. You can also be ensured that we are not resting on the successes so far but giving everything you need to get you even more great tools to help you be even more successful!