In Scandinavia Dating is always worth it!

Dating is actually a topic all over the world. But in some countries it takes place offline, while others are more online. Especially in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, people like online dating, and if you have the opportunity to generate or buy the relevant traffic, you should definitely do it!

About Scandinavia there seems to be very little on our industry. This seems very strange, because people from these countries in Northern Europe are anything but prudish, they have a good income and are happy to go online. This makes them the ideal customers and it is worthwhile to go to the market with dating products in Scandinavia.

For this reason, we have also included Denmark, Sweden and Norway in our program. Of course, we also tested ourselves how the dating market works in these countries and can now say that it is really not difficult to generate leads. Especially in Scandinavia, the women like to take the initiative and so on the dating portals is a bustle and the customers stay long on the portal.

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