Month: October 2017

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HTML and CSS basics for everyone!

Even if there are countless good web developers out there, it is never wrong, if you can do some things in HTML and CSS by yourself. Whether it is to make adjustments or to complete something quickly but to book a course and probably still pay a lot of money

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Will the mobile index finally come?

For a year now, it was clear that Google will bring the mobile index – and since then website owners have been waiting for something to happen. So far in vain and anticipation no reliable information about when it could be was released. But now something is happening! In spring,

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Manage ToDo’s easily

As a webmaster, you do not necessarily have a quiet and boring life. Rather, our job is very varied and if we have to work with five or five hundred websites: there is always a lot to do. Without a todo list where we can hold unique and recurring tasks,

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Make cash with profiles easily!

Well, what comes on Thursday? Exactly, good tips from the house imaXcash! Our little tradition makes us so much fun that we have a feast every Thursday of the week and really want to show you something great or remind you of something that makes your all day work easier

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4 ways to use landing pages

Landing pages are an integral part of the world in online marketing and they are also used in the adult business to make customers from interested visitors. Their advantages are clearly obvious because they only pursue the lead as a goal and do not offer many choices. In order for

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More customers, more cash

What do you think of speaking to nearly 50 million potential customers? Does that sound good? What now reads like a beautiful dream can soon be a reality, because we offer you a dating product for the US market that allows you exactly that! With 325 million inhabitants, the US

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