Do you know your traffic?

There are many occasions when you want to see exactly what is happening with your traffic. Our statistics in imaXcash can help and tells you exactly how many clicks are there, how it looks with the conversion etc. However, there is another way to keep an eye on your traffic – the traffic monitor.

The Traffic Monitor you can find now under Tools – Custom Traffic Monitor in imaXcash and thus you have now the possibility to track different actions. For example, having just booked a campaign and you want to know at the end of the day if you have reached your goals, you can choose the advertised offer and choose what exactly you want to keep an eye on (CTR, etc.). Several actions are possible in the selection. Finally, you can then still choose which time period should be tracked. For the evaluation you can put yourself then simply be informed by mail or halt the system itself.

The new Traffic Monitor is set up within a short time and so you can have a quick and easy overview of what is happening to your traffic. If it becomes clear that you do not reach your intended targets, you can still intervene in time and make changes to the campaign or you can look forward to the end of the day of the achieved revenues 🙂