Our products are also a hit on mobile devices!

Yes, actually, it should not be mentioned today that dating offers are responsive. The reality shows, however, that there is still a lot of catching up to do, and although the basics are often implemented, usability is still far from ideal, especially on smartphones. But if you do not put your focus on it, you lose a lot of money. The vast majority of users today are online on mobile devices and if they can not use a product there, they just changed to the next. The one who is full responsive, then earns really good on the customer.

It is not always easy to get good results in look and usability on all mobile devices, but the benefits are definitely worth the effort for us at imaXcash. Because online dating is no longer taking place at home on the PC, when everyone else is already sleeping in the house. Rather, there is always a lookout for a hot date. In the tram as well as in the lunch break at a restaurant. Just pick up the smartphone and you’re ready to go. That’s exactly what our products are designed for.

We even go one step further and make the product not only mobile, but give it the look and feel of a stand-alone app. This makes it even easier for the user to navigate and search for dates. Everything just feels right and good – and that’s reflected in sales. Where the user feels comfortable, he likes to spend money and stays longer. However, we’re probably never done with the mobile implementation, so we always make changes and above all improvements in order to further expand our success.

For you as our partner, this means above all that you can sit back and calm down and know: No matter which devices the users use – with the dating products of imaXcash they are in good hands!

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