Month: May 2018

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Real women in our dating offers!

A few weeks ago we have already reported that we attach great importance to creating incentives for women. If men are to acquire membership in a dating product, many women’s membership is still the best advertisement. That’s why women can sign up for free with us and can use the

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Data helps if it is captured correctly

In marketing, nothing works without data, at least not if success is only to be recognized in sales. Instead, we all deal with website visitors, click behaviors, hold times, conversions and many other metrics to help us understand why we are successful or not. This data is then further optimized

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There is a lot going on in Romania!

Have you ever been to Romania? The capital Bucharest, attracts many tourists but it is also becoming more and more interesting for companies. However, the rest of the country is also beautiful and it’s always worth a trip – even if it’s only to admire the pretty Romanian women. At

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Improve your website

As we are aware in today’s website designs it was never enough to just design a beautiful website. It must have a clean code, undoubtedly, be free of security leaks and of course to also load quickly thus being as convenient as possible for visitors to use. That’s a lot

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Google rows back

A few months ago, Google has done a great favor to website owners and extended the length of the description. Thus, more information and of course keywords can be accommodated in it and it was sometimes easier to arouse the interest of the visitors. But apparently you were not so

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