Innovative technologies from the Google Developers Conference

For technology-loving people from the online marketing industry and the real nerds, the Google I / O development conference is always an exciting date. Because that is where exciting and new initiatives are presented, which will influence our everyday life in the future and will often make it easier. Google is known as an innovative company and this has been shown with the Android operating system. And this year, too, there were exciting insights into what Google is developing and partly already being implemented!

Google is increasingly committed to artificial intelligence – a field to which many others attach more and more importance. No wonder, because our world and also our daily work are becoming ever more complex and will soon be overwhelming without support. This support is paramount for our computers, smartphones etc. So many innovations on the Google I / O will focus on the mobile operating system Android, which in the next version can even better as it can predict the needs and habits of each user and provides support accordingly.

Although this alone is impressive, there is another innovation that provides much more attention: With the new software Google Duplex in the future the computer will even be able to take over the telephone communication. Of course, not only the plans and visions were discussed in the presentation, but also two telephone conversations that were taken over by the software. At the first phone call, the computer arranged a doctor’s appointment without any problems. That was somehow impressive, but also appeared as a rather “easy” task. The second phone call was about reserving in a restaurant where there were complications that the software had to respond to. There were some misunderstandings with the human interlocutor, but they were mastered by Google Duplex.

The software is still under development and therefore not usable. However, it is clear that Google has taken a big leap forward with duplexing and appears to be a few steps ahead of the competition in digital assistants. At the conference, further innovations were presented, which are sure to be released soon and can make our lives easier. But with the development of Google Duplex there are many possibilities for example if you think of the concept a bit further, maybe computers could soon take over telephone support or take over other tasks that cost companies significant money.