Google rows back

A few months ago, Google has done a great favor to website owners and extended the length of the description. Thus, more information and of course keywords can be accommodated in it and it was sometimes easier to arouse the interest of the visitors. But apparently you were not so happy with Google. For some days it is over with the extended Descriptions and we are back to the original value arrived.

Title and Description are still an important factor in the search engine. Here you can immediately show what the website is all about and who formulates it; well not only collects plus points for the ranking, but in the best case also makes the users of the search engine curious and therefore moves them to click. Because of this, many SEOs spend a lot of time writing the perfect description, using every character, if possible.

The joy was so great that up to 221 characters for the snippets in Germany or 231 characters in the US were possible. That was a significant increase and offered a few more options. This is over now, because the character length has gone back to the original value and that applies to the desktop SERPs as well as for the mobile version. It’s not a short stumble in the SERPs, as many hoped. Much more was confirmed by Google the update and at the same time clarified that there will be no exact value for the length of the description in the future. Rather, the algorithm itself will decide how long the snippet may be.

This change is particularly annoying for all those who extended the descriptions everywhere after the changes in December and thus adapted. They can now take a step back and hopefully have a file somewhere with all the old descriptions, so maybe the changes can be done with copy & paste. Rewriting everything will not necessarily be enthusiastic.